Buongiorno and welcome to the Fattoria Villa Caviciana

Latium - Villa Caviciana

Lazio? Even oenophiles and gourmets don’t think of this Italian region straightaway when it comes to high-quality wines, olive oil or fine dining. As such, this traditional, Mediterranean cultural landscape combines all the advantages it needs for the cultivation of wine and olives or for the production of Italian specialities.

Our estate Villa Caviciana is located in the north of the traditional farming area on the border with Tuscany. On Lake Bolsena we cultivate vineyards, olive groves and the surrounding forests, in which our Mangalica woolly pigs live, as well as pastures, where our Racka sheep are at home.

If you’d like to find out more about Villa Caviciana, you’re welcome to take a look around the area or visit the estate itself. You can stay in our apartments, for example, or attend any of our events.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Villa Caviciana
Only the best from Lazio

The wines

Excellent, full of character and surprise

The olive oil

Natural, sustainable, handmade and healthy

The gourmet food

Italian, traditional and made with passion

The estate

Authentic, versatile and steeped in tradition

The events

Lively, extraordinary and action-packed

The apartments

Inviting, quiet and with their own particular style