Grappa: full-bodied, fresh and aromatic

versatile and lively – like Villa Caviciana

Our grappa is simply the most typical Italian. We are proud that the renowned Marolo distillery has joined Villa Caviciana as a co-producer. This is because Paolo Marolo’s production process is equivalent to how we do things – traditional Italian production methods (which are usually by hand) coupled with receptiveness for innovation in production and in the cellar (where it is necessary and feasible). Salute!

Grape varietyPomace of Cabernet
ColourPure white
Tasting notesSubtle pomace aromas with floral notes and a hint of blackcurrants, inviting and clear, a fresh, full-bodied first sip with straightforward acidic structure, cherry fruit nuances and a velvety sweetness are the basis for its spicy aroma that is full of character. Slightly saline notes and melted tannins remain balanced and complex in the finish.
Serving temperatureBetween 9 and 13 degrees (young grappa)